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Each year, one in every three businesses receives a payroll tax penalty of at least $800 because of filing errors.


Outsourcing to EPayroll ensures that no penalties occur.

EPayroll is the best choice for businesses. 


Here's why:


We have advanced payroll software and experienced staff that spend 100% of their time focused on payroll. Need a certified payroll? Union payroll? Are you a large employer with complex benefits? No problem. Need online access, timekeeping, pay cards and pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation? We’ve got it.


Thanks to our rigorous internal controls and verification processes, your can count on your payrolls and tax filing being right.

Privacy & Security

In today's world, the security of your personal and business information is of utmost importance, and EPRG does everything possible to ensure that your data is safe and secure. In addition to our rigorous internal controls, the software we utilize is the most secure and most reliable on the market.


EPayroll employees have decades of experience doing payroll and stay up-to-date on the ever-changing regulations by regularly attending conferences, webinars and reading industry publications. But beyond that, is deep pool of financial expertise from EPayroll's parent company, DMLO CPAs. Knowledgeable CPAs are literally right next door. When complex tax compliance questions come up — like fringe benefit reporting requirements, for instance — we can easily get the answers.


With EPayroll, you’ll typically pay far less than with the big national brands and our pricing is simple to understand. Our basic service bundle includes extras that many others charge additional fees for, like direct deposit, online access, check stock and envelope stuffing.


Last, but certainly not least, you’ll get unparalleled service from EPayroll. When you call, you’ll talk to a live person who knows your account and can take care of you, on the spot. Special requests are cheerfully accommodated and 24-hour turnaround is available.

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